Spain | Wind sell price ratio

What a Windy November in Spain!

November 2019 was one of the months with the highest #wind generation on record.

Does that sound to dramatical electricity drop price, as we usually see across Europe?

No: Spanish Daily Market is showing us that …

Spain: is renewable cannibalization unavoidable?

During this decade, energy transition to renewable energy to produce electricity reached a new stage, as wind and solar technologies achieved grid parity in most of the electrical markets of the world. As they are now competitive without subsidies, they …

Spain | Installed Capacity Jan,2020

With the installation of 226 MW of PV solar during January, #wind & PV #solar total installed capacity is now higher than coal and gas capacity!

-Coal and gas (CCGT) sum 33.8 GW

-Wind and PV solar sum 34 GW

This statement …

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