Capacity Balance Market: A plunge to zero in 2020?

In our first blog entry of the year, we discussed the 10 trends to watch in the Mexican energy sector throughout 2021. Among these, our team forecasted the Capacity Net Price would plunge to zero during the 2020 Capacity …

Snowstorm in the US, Power Outage in Mexico

Power infrastructure is not prepared to face the climate emergency threat. Just last week, the Uri winter storm left close to 4.3 million Texans in complete darkness! Repercussions were felt beyond US borders, particularly in Mexico, where a shortage …

Mexico: AMLO Preferential Law Initiative

Over the past two years, the Mexican federal government has been trying to enact their energy policy through a series of controversial publications. Nevertheless, to this date, none of these have caused any real changes on the system.

One of …

2021 Spanish Auction: who won?

With this short notice we continue our data analysis on the latest Spanish auction.

See our first publication here.

Spanish companies are the great winners of this auction

This auction was open to any company, and it has been awarded mostly to …

2021 Spanish Auction: main results

Yesterday, on January 26th 2021, Spanish government published the results of the latest renewable energy auction.

PV wins 67% of awarded capacity

This auction was open to any renewable technology, with a premium in case of adding storage. 1,000 MW were …