What is Green Hydrogen?

In layman’s terms, green hydrogen is hydrogen obtained from electrolysis of water with electricity generated by zero carbon sources, such as solar or wind.

Why so much hype behind it?

Well, most experts agree than GH2 will be essential in meeting our objective to reduce Co2 emissions in the near future. Why? Hydrogen is abundant and its supply is virtually limitless. Pound for pound hydrogen has an energy density nearly three times that of fossil fuels, and the only by-product generated is oxygen. Hydrogen can also provide a solution where electrification can’t. It essentially has unlimited uses, it can be used in: heating for both industrial or residential use, it can be used as a feedstock to decarbonize certain industries, it can be used in transportation, from shipping to cars to clean fuels for aviation, it can be used in the petrochemical industry or in the chemical industry for agriculture and much more.

What we offer?
Project Development Insights

Need help navigating the murky waters of the hydrogen value chain? We can offer some perspective regarding:


Local regulations and permits

Financials and raising capital

Basic economics and optimal use-cases

Key suppliers

Market overview and potential demand

And more…


Turn-Key Projects

We also have a pipeline of several H2 projects at different stages in their life-cycle, which we can co-develop with potential strategic partners or spin-off and commercialize separately to investors.

Why Antuko?

Antuko started as an energy consulting firm and now focuses its resources primarily on H2 project developments.


We have a portfolio of GH2 projects at different stages in their life-cycle. We’re located in Chile, with offices in Spain and Mexico. Over the past 10 years we’ve participated in more than 200 consulting projects, we have over 400MW of assets under management and 500GWh in energy trading activity.


Every project has some risks, but we believe having an in-depth understanding of the underlying critical factors is key in minimizing risk while optimizing returns.


We are members of the Chilean Hydrogen Association, and have an active role in both the regulation and technical committee. We believe creating long-term relationships with key players is a must in the development of a new industry.


H2 Chile


What is Project Genesis?

Project Genesis is a 100 MW greenfield electrolyzer plant located in the industrial cluster of La Negra in the Antofagasta region. Strategically located near a wide array of potential off-takers and meters away from the local gas transport grid for blending opportunities in the near future.
value chain
Key Takeaways
  • Electrolyzer Capacity: 100 MW
  • Location: La Negra, Antofagasta
  • Scale-Up Strategy: 3 Phases
  • Annual H2 Production: ~ 15.000 tons
  • Footprint: 4.5 Ha
  • Land Use Conditions: Extensive
  • Applications:
    • Mobility
    • Industrial Heat
    • Feedstock
    • Power Generation
  • Co2 Emissions Avoided: ~ 120.000 tons/year
  • Energy Sourced: Renewable PPA’s
  • TIC & LCOH: Competitive

Want to know more about Project Genesis and other projects in our pipeline?

Get in touch: H2@antuko.com