Full 2020 Portuguese solar auction results

A few days ago, we published a short note to help Deciphering the August 2020 Portuguese solar auction. Since then, the Portuguese government published the full results. Here follow our main observations.

PV plus storage wins 72% of awarded capacity

A …

Demanda eléctrica vuelve a niveles de 2019

Tras casi 6 meses de demanda eléctrica deprimida por la sucesión de periodos de confinamiento y la correspondiente recesión económica, el consumo eléctrico vuelve a situarse en niveles similares a los del año pasado. Incluso en ciertas semanas de …

Deciphering the August 2020 Portuguese solar auction

Methodology and results

Bidding options

The Portuguese 2020 solar auction offered to the bidders two ways to sell their energy:

The first one is perceiving a Fixed Tariff (a constant fixed price for all their production) over 15 years, for PV …

Portugal tender results

Results of the Portuguese solar tender are confusing because the bidding options and the pricing formulas were complex. Out of the awarded projects, just one will receive the published price, of EUR 11,14/MWh over the next 15 years. All …

Mexico | COVID-19 Impact on PMLs

The COVID-19 sanitary crisis has disrupted every industry worldwide, and the energy sector is no exception. Only in the first half of 2020, electricity demand fell around 10% VS 2019 levels:

Weekly Demand Withdrawal at the MDA (2019 VS 2020)

However, what does this …