Mexico | COVID-19 Impact on PMLs

The COVID-19 sanitary crisis has disrupted every industry worldwide, and the energy sector is no exception. Only in the first half of 2020, electricity demand fell around 10% VS 2019 levels:

Weekly Demand Withdrawal at the MDA (2019 VS 2020)

However, what does this …

Spain | Wind sell price ratio

What a Windy November in Spain!

November 2019 was one of the months with the highest #wind generation on record.

Does that sound to dramatical electricity drop price, as we usually see across Europe?

No: Spanish Daily Market is showing us that …

Spain | Installed Capacity Jan,2020

With the installation of 226 MW of PV solar during January, #wind & PV #solar total installed capacity is now higher than coal and gas capacity!

-Coal and gas (CCGT) sum 33.8 GW

-Wind and PV solar sum 34 GW

This statement …

Antuko Weekly Reports

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Chile | SIC+SING Interconection

It’s been exactly two years since Chile got its two main electrical systems (SIC and SING) interconnected! Among other benefits, this first interconnection milestone (which was then completed by the Cardones – Polpaico 500 kV completion, in several phases) …