Chile: 2021 DisCo tender offers preliminary analysis

Chile: 2021 DisCo tender offers preliminary analysis

Energía Estrategica published yesterday 30th of August some raw data about the offers for the August 2021 Distribution Companies tender in Chile.

2,310 GWh/year of energy is tendered, starting supply in 2026, for 15 years. All the technologies are welcome to compete freely, following a delivery which is split in three hourly blocks.

Raw data of 2021 Disco tender offers

Our first observations, based on these raw data:

  • Strong volatility of the offer prices, in each block: this comes from the distinct technologies of the bidders (solar and/or wind, with/without storage, hydro), and their view and expectations of the market evolution.
  • Most of the bidders offered in every block (i.e. 24/7). Only 6 of them (out of 29) offered in only one block: 2 in A (night), 2 in B (solar), and 2 in C (peak).
  • One third of the bids are higher than the maximal awarding price: this is an extremely high share! But it should not prevent this tender from being fulfilled, as it is always the case since 2015 tenders in Chile.

More information coming in the next days!

Winners will be known on September 2nd.

NB: There are preliminary data, hence some of the observations hereby expressed may change once complete official data will be published.