Chile: 2021 DisCo tender offers preliminary analysis

Energía Estrategica published yesterday 30th of August some raw data about the offers for the August 2021 Distribution Companies tender in Chile.

2,310 GWh/year of energy is tendered, starting supply in 2026, for 15 years. All the technologies are welcome …

2021 Spanish Auction: who won?

With this short notice we continue our data analysis on the latest Spanish auction.

See our first publication here.

Spanish companies are the great winners of this auction

This auction was open to any company, and it has been awarded mostly to …

Full 2020 Portuguese solar auction results

A few days ago, we published a short note to help Deciphering the August 2020 Portuguese solar auction. Since then, the Portuguese government published the full results. Here follow our main observations.

PV plus storage wins 72% of awarded capacity

A …