2021 Spanish Auction: who won?

2021 Spanish Auction: who won?

With this short notice we continue our data analysis on the latest Spanish auction.

See our first publication here.

Spanish companies are the great winners of this auction

This auction was open to any company, and it has been awarded mostly to Spanish companies, at 78%, with 2,365 MW in total (1,427 MW of solar and 939 MW of wind).

The rest of the volume was mostly awarded to European companies: 166 MW for France, 150 MW for Germany (both solar only), 143 MW for Portugal (45 MW wind and 98 MW solar).

Then follows South Korea with 86 MW, Canada and Japan with 14 MW each, and United Kingdom with 5 MW.

IPPs are the great winners of this auction

Regarding company types, IPPs (Independent Power Producers) are the great winners with 60% of the volume, 1814 MW in total (915 MW wind and 899 MW solar).

Then follows the Utilities (owning a mix of energy sources) with 761 MW (83 MW wind and 678 MW solar), Developers with 332 MW, Utility (owning renewable mix only) with 107 MW, and Investors with 20 MW (all of them with solar only).

Looking at prices, it is worth noticing some strategy trends:

  • investors seem to be more conservative, while developers seem to be much more aggressive.
  • Utilities with a mix of energy seem to have a high appetite to enter the market, bidding at a lower price than renewable energy producers

Our next webinar in February, with UNEF

On Tuesday 16th of February, we will share our view on these results in a UNEF webinar, together with DNV and Banco Sabadell.

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