Solar + Storage:

What is the right combination for your projects?

Storage will be key to future tenders all over the world

Antuko has been the main market advisor to Portugal’s storage tender winner

Combinign solar and storage seems the obviuos solution in order to better distribute a plant’s output throughout the day, avoid low-price-hours, and access to capacity incomes.


But implemeting the solution is far easy and requires answering a lot of questions…

          • What is the right size of storage for my plant?
          • what is the right storage technology?
          • How much energy do I need to store?
          • for how many hours do I want to be able to unload my storage?
          • What is the expected capex of this solution?
          • What extra incom will I recieve? Is it worth it?

Antuko offers simple and clear answers to these questions through a 20-days study adapted to your project

          • Analysis of your project’s features and expected output
          • Up to nine storage sizing options adapted to your project
          • Storage cost anlysis adapted to the estimated COD
          • Income projection from energy sale and capacity payments
          • IRR analysis and recommendations
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