Electricity markets are extremely dynamic and market-players need to rely on information that is constantly updated.

This is why Antuko has transitioned towards a dynamic information platform accessible via subscription.


In this platform all the pricing parameters are constantly updated:
-Electricity demand, at national and nodal level
-System expansion plan, taking into account all new constructions and delays
-Commodities prices,  extremely volatile  these days
-Transmission system, and its impact on eventual congestions
-Climatic scenarios, in times of global warming


Thus price projections are updated:
-on a monthly basis,
-on a 15+ years horizon,
-and with hourly resolution that allows to forecast solar and wind captured prices


Antuko Power Analytics is the definitive tool for all stakeholders in energy assets.

Local knowledge

of electricity markets

Global vision

of fuel prices and renewable development costs

Hourly definition

in order to capture solar and wind prices

Long term projection

capturing energy transition trends