Buyer’s side

Antuko is the partner of many investors entering markets like Chile or Mexico and wanting both an understanding of the market dynamics, and a precise valuation of a target asset or a group of assets. Thanks to its quantitive tools (energy price projections, and risk analysis) Antuko is able to provide an extremely precise valuation for any kind of generation asset facing any kind of commercial strategy (merchant, PPA, tender, or mixed strategy).

Seller’s side

Antuko has been mandated in multiple occasions for the sale of generation assets. Because of its credentials as an independent consultant, and its knowledge of all market participants, the transactions have been both extremely efficient in terms of time and efforts, and extremely satisfying in terms of value. For credentials, please refer to the our Clients & Credentials section.

Alternative – financing / Green Bonds

Antuko is lately helping various Independent Power Producers and developers to design new financing strategies alternative to traditional project-finance. We believe that a bottleneck exists in the capacity of banks to digest the enormous number of applications of projects looking for debt. This bottleneck translates in extremely slow financing project-financing processes that are normally very frustrating for project owners since they mean longer time-to-market periods. A different way of financing projects exists through the direct issuance of project-bonds or green-bonds that target final institutional investors. Antuko is currently leading various initiatives of bonds issues in Chile, Mexico and Spain.