Presence since 2010

  • Leading consultant for energy price projections (spot, “precio estabilizado”, capacity)
  • 100+ consulting projects, involving complex risk analysis
  • 20+ transactions analysed
  • 400MW of assets under management
  • Energy trading activity


Presence since 2015

  • Leading consultant for PML projections (+ capacity + CELs)
  • Deep understanding of local energy dynamics (expansion of the system, transmission DFTs, CELs, etc.)
  • 20+ consulting projects, involving complex risk analysis
  • Energy trading activity


Presence since 2016

  • Innovative spot projection tool (combining fundamental and behavioral methodology)
  • Innovative vision on impact of market expansion
  • Solid experience in PPA negociations and management
  • Rich experience of Latin American markets
  • Energy trading activity
Country Head: Felipe Novoa
Joaquín Montero 3.000 / Of 301
Vitacura / CHILE
Country Head: Alfonso Gutiérrez
Tamarindos 400A / Piso 3
Bosque las Lomas / CDMX / MEXICO
Country Head: Olivier Potart
Caracas 10, 1E
Madrid / ESPAÑA

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