Antuko is founded in Chile by Fernando Cubillos, Olivier Potart, and Marcos Semmler. Its objective is to provide incoming NCRE developers with a clear vision of the Chilean energy market.


Antuko structures with BCI Asset Management the “Price Stabilization Fund” (PSF), a vehicle that aims to be a link between NCRE generators and final consumers. The PSF offered friendly PPAs to generators from different technologies (solar, wind and hydro), aggregated their energy curves, and finally resold energy consumption curves to industrial consumers. In between it took the risk of mismatch between those curves, and hedged that risk with its working capital and sophisticated Value at Risk models. The PSF is still today rated AA- by Feller Rate Chile.


The PSF is awarded with 70GWh/year in the first NCRE-friendly energy tender organized by the Chilean Energy Commission. Antuko starts providing long terms energy price forecasts in Chile. Antuko anticipates congestion issues in the north of the SIC.


Antuko energy price forecasts activity soars in Chile as many NCRE projects face financing with banks. Analysis of complex portfolios for M&A transactions. First steps in Mexico as the new regulation is announced.


The PSF starts delivering energy to the contracts awarded in the 2014 tender, and purchasing energy from NCRE generators: real management of PPAs begins. Antuko gains asset management clients and reaches 200+MW. Consulting for tier-one utility companies.


Joint venture in Mexico with BioFields to advise Tuto Power on energy trading and retailing. DCMX office grows. Spanish office opens and starts modelisation process of the Iberian market.