Market Representation

In markets where participants (sellers and purchasers of energy) are expected to place orders in the local energy market, through a market interface access, Antuko offers a representation service:

  • Straightforward order input
  • Design of order inputing strategies
  • Order aggregation in markets where deviations are penalized
  • Market responsiveness 24/7

Clearing and interaction with market authorities

Antuko performs on behalf of its clients all the middle-office tasks related to energy trading through the local markets or via PPAs:

  • Validation of settlements computed by the local market operator (or TSO)
  • Interaction with market operator in case of discrepancies
  • Invoicing and clearing of all obligations, following the market calendar
  • Completion of all mandatory reports required by local market operator and authorities
  • Management of PPAs, private or public (tenders): calculation agent, invoicing and clearing

O&M supervision & relations with stakeholders

Antuko handles all the other aspects of the asset management during the commercial operation of the asset:

  • Supervision of the O&M according to contracts
  • Relation with insurance companies
  • Relation with banks: reporting, validation of CPs, payments
  • Relation with shareholders: reporting and Q&A